Comprehensive, Secure, Dedicated, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service

Oracle Big Data

Big Data is a natural fit for the cloud. Growing data volumes demand elastic environments and agility and deployment. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Getting consistent performance from big data applications as hard if you’re sharing services with other teams and organizations and to maximize business value need to integrate all this new data with your existing data applications and reports.

  • Oracle Big Data Cloud Service gives you high performance and because you’re not sharing hardware performance is consistently high without sacrificing agility and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service is the only cloud solution which gives you one fast SQL query over all your data whether it’s in Hadoop, NoSQL or Oracle Database. Your SQL skills still work.
  • Your applications don’t need to be rewritten and your security policies still apply. Oracle Big Data Cloud Service gives you a complete Big Data environment featuring Cloudera’s distribution including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.
  • You get one-click provisioning simple to deploy and easy to use and a common console easy to read and use. You can easily access the big data cloud service via SSH, VPN or direct connect, your choice. There’s easy ingest and export of data. Use Oracle cloud service both the backups and as a data lake. Query all your data with a single SQL statement using big data SQL. Analyze all your data using Oracle R, Big Data Spatial and Graph or your own applications which you can move to the cloud. Orchestrate your Big Data workloads using Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Big Data Connectors.
  • Pay only for what you need. You have the ability to subscribe to as much big data cloud service as you need on a monthly basis. Transform the way you do business with Oracle Big Data Cloud Service.


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