IBM Cloud Data Services Is Open For Data

Cloud Data Services

Data is obviously a common construct. You really can’t have analytics without data and you really certainly don’t get the value of data if you can’t then analyzed it. These are the two pillars of our business and it cuts across traditional workload sequel no sequel in memory so on and so forth and I think also is open source as well as proprietary services offered by IBM and its on this point actually one thing I’m really excited about it something that came through an acquisition. Our team was fortunate to acquire the company called compose earlier this year so what is composed? Compose is a compilation database is a service and they offer a lot of leading-edge open source databases mongodb redis rethink db postgres so that into itself is really interesting.

Exploring A Tool Set

When we work with developers a lot of times as I’m sure many of you know, tools are evolving right and a lot of times it’s about exploring a tool set you may not use it at that moment but you want to know it’s there. So we view one of our key roles is able to provide a diverse set of tools that are all presented and integrated in cohesive manner. So compose allows us to do that but more importantly they allow us to introduce new services and that’s something i think for a lot of companies is the amount of change that takes place when you’re delivering services is frequent.

We are constantly thinking about what additional tools can we offer so that our clients and whether it was like joel from hot head or any of you in the room your businesses are changing at a rapid pace and you want to be able to come to a partner that has that range of choice you know we want to have your full stack covered. We as a team are focused on solving real problems for clients across data and analytics and if you start with one piece in and you build into this broader ecosystem as our scenario involved it’s great. Ultimately we want to give you a consistent service we want to give you the right set of tools and we want to all do it in a way that’s going to make you successful.

You know one thing that I always talk about as an I’m relatively new to ibm people talk about services and I think sometimes misunderstand the importance of why you’d think about services in the context of the relationship it’s not about the pager it’s not about the 24 by seven were always on its about the relationship is about the dynamic that exists between the person that is trying to build something that’s trying to improve upon and look at data in a new way that’s what we want help our clients do.


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