Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service For Blending Data

Blending Data

Do you have different but related data files you want to prepare and transform as a single file? With Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service I can do just that. I start by creating a transform using a single data file. I can perform repair and enrichment tasks on this file first, or add a second file before preparing each of them separately. The intuitive user interface makes it convenient for me to switch between these data files. I have created a basic transform and made all the modifications and enhancements required. I am now ready to include a second file to this transform.

I select the file from the data source where I had uploaded it earlier. I can tell the processing engine that this file contains column headers and that I want the transform to run against a smart sample. When the service engine starts to process the new file, a banner appears above the main authoring page, and an asterisk remains next to the drop-down while the file is being ingested. Once the file is successfully processed, I can view the contents of either file by selecting its file name from the drop-down.

Blending Configuration

I perform any necessary data repair or enrichment tasks to either file or then start the blending process. In the Blending Configuration dialog, I add the blending conditions. Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service has an underlying relationship discovery engine that provides blending key recommendations. I view their confidence scores to get guidance on the accuracy of these recommendations. I can opt to not use the recommendations and manually specify the blending conditions by indicating which column or columns from each file match.

Resulting Output

For the resulting output, I select whether I want the blend to include only matching rows, or matching rows in addition to the rest of the data from either the left F-1 file or right F-2 file. From the Column Selection tab, I select the columns to be included in the resulting blended file. After I submit the blend configurations, the blending process starts. Once the blend is complete, I view it and modify its contents like any other transform. I can also add another file to this transform and start the blending configuration process again. I can blend up to three files into a single transform.


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