Oracle Big Data Service: Performing Duplicate Analysis and Handling Sensitive Information

Duplicate Analysis

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service provides an easy to use and convenient user interface. The home page gives me a summary of the number of jobs running in the service with their current status; the number of sources created and their usage; and the total number of rows and transformations processed by the service. These statistics can be viewed by a day, week, or month.

Admin Role

I can access the Big Data Preparation Cloud Service either as a Data Analyst or as an Administrator. With the admin role, I see objects created by all the users in my service as well as their activities. As a data analyst, I only view my objects and my activities in the service. I create a source or a transform, or upload data from the quick start section. If I need help with a task, there are short videos available. Additional help is available from the resources section. The activity stream allows me to monitor the status of the service engine processes from any page within the service. The Jobs page displays a report showing complete details about all jobs. I can filter the report based on job status and sort by date or name. On Catalog page, I view a list of all the sources and transforms created in the service. Icons are used to indicate whether an object is a transform or a source.


Each item has a context menu that allows me to edit, rename, or delete a transform or source. A transformation can also be published using this menu. I can create a transform or source and upload or download data files. After a transform is created, I view it on its authoring page. The authoring page is a powerful and user friendly interface that allows me to repair and enrich my dataset. The Knowledge page lists all the custom reference knowledge files that users on my cluster have added to the service. I can add new reference knowledge files to enrich my data sets. Finally, after I create a transform script, I use the Policies page to create and automate the transformation processes. All the policies I create are listed in an interactive report.


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