Big Data Cloud

Big Data Services

Blending Data

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service For Blending Data

Do you have different but related data files you want to prepare and transform as a single file? With Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud...
Duplicate Analysis

Oracle Big Data Service: Performing Duplicate Analysis and Handling Sensitive Information

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service provides an easy to use and convenient user interface. The home page gives me a summary of the...
Big Data Policies

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service For Creating Policies

After creating a transform, I schedule it to run against my data files using policies. Policies are schedules that allow me to run transformations...
Big Data Preparation

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service For Authoring Page Overview

Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service allows me to quickly create a transform. Once created, transforms are viewed on their Authoring Page. The components...
Cloud Data Services

IBM Cloud Data Services Is Open For Data

Data is obviously a common construct. You really can't have analytics without data and you really certainly don't get the value of data if...
Oracle Big Data

Comprehensive, Secure, Dedicated, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service

Big Data is a natural fit for the cloud. Growing data volumes demand elastic environments and agility and deployment. So why isn't everyone doing...

Data Cloud Solutions

New Quantum Q-Cloud Solutions

Q Cloud Solutionsvideo
A lot of people see the cloud as just a destination for data, a place to put data when I don't need it. Quantum,...

Saving Millions With Cloud-Based Data Solution and Hortonworks

Cloud Based Data Solutionvideo
Webtrends Webtrends was originally a analytics and a device management company. So, we took device data logs, and process network information, and see what was...

Aerohive Networks Takes Wi-Fi Management To Cloud

Wi Fi Management
Aerohive Networks is a Cloud managed mobile networking company who provides private and public Cloud solutions, controller less wifi, VPN routing and switching.  What...

Adding Intelligence To Applications Using Big Data At Scale

Scale Big Datavideo
With Azure Data Lake Analytics, beyond a simple language called U-SQL that does analytics like percentiles in statistics, we've incorporated the best of Microsoft's...

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