Big Data For Business Growth and Enriching Banks’ Customer Intelligence

Business Growth

We all want to make good decisions. Your business success is linked to the quality of your decisions. To make quality decisions you need information. You need to be able to understand and interpret your unorganized data. The race belongs to those that are well informed, adaptive and customer-led. We see a world where companies dare to be different; who push the boundaries; challenge traditions all in the name of business growth through innovation.

Better Business

Most businesses who want to grow get frustrated. Why? Because they are stuck and don’t know how to move forward. Making better business decisions will require something different. It will require data and innovation. Innovation isn’t just about technology. Any business can innovate. It could be the way you assess your new product or service, the way you discover new and future market opportunities, how you create, deliver and capture value, and how you successfully launch your product or service in to the world. How you secure investor funding. That’s ‘The Khemeia Way’. Innovate. Make. Grow. Are you ready to innovate?

How Cloud Based Big Data Services Can Enrich Banks’ Customer Intelligence

Atos Now Banking helps banks become more proactive as they do business with customers intervening at key decision points in their lives. Those moments where banks can add value to customers, strengthening loyalty while also ensuring that the bank gains highest possible value from each customer By being proactive, leading the relationship, with fresh ideas and targeted services.

Customer DNA

Through using Big Data Analytics and new concepts such as Customer DNA, banks can build accurate customer profiles. Identify patterns and trends in user groups Pickup indications from customer contacts. Finding out who is in the market for a specific product or service. Who needs help with an urgent priority or if there is an emerging need within a group of customers who fit a specific profile. In every case, banks can reach out and make contact, using the channels and methods the customers prefer a service that’s accurately targeted perfectly timed and likely to be highly relevant. Lower churn, higher satisfaction and greater customer value Targeted, proactive and effective fulfillment from Now Banking.


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