Big Data Integration and Big Data Analytics On Amazon Web Services AWS

Big Data Analytics

These days applications need a lot of insightful information to kind of tap on the data set that you have. How do we do that? The 3 things we really look out for is how to build new app experiences. How you infuse AI into your application, and that the fact that every application is data driven so, to bring innovative experiences to your application you need things like machine learning, or machine learning services built into your Azure SQL database or SQL server, and whatnot. And, overall how do you bring in Python and R into your analytics, and then operationalize those data models into your application stack?

Power BI Embedded

It’s extremely important because you get insightful information and you can make more informed decisions. But, that’s not where it stops right, to kind of see the data visually you need tools like Power BI embedded and Power BI embedded is for developers. You don’t have to go to a Power, or a different tool set to kind of integrate a data system. You can actually code the experience right into the application and then build Power BI embedded systems. That will bring you that differentiated value, and this kind of finishes your feedback loop.

Big Data Analytics on Amazon Web Services AWS

You can transform data into an innovation engine and AWS will help you do it making sense of an increasing number of data sources and new devices connected to your business, customers and employees makes Big Data a priority for companies like yours every day. Accessing scalable data services Companies have the speed to be at the forefront of the newest data needs Up to 400 times faster that in local solutions from a few Terabytes to Hexabytes. With data lakes implemented on AWS Information from multiple different data sources. It can make you easily understandable in native formats keeping your data ready to be analyzed your data is continuously generated Millions or billions of simultaneous events and it is necessary to obtain understanding of your data in real time. Collecting and analyzing continuously AWS makes it easy with a full set of managed services.


You can experiment with data from concept to production in less than 24 hours or choose among the most popular alternatives. Open Source tools like Apache Spark, Kafka, or Storm. With a powerful analysis in real time and a high rate of performance you can be a step ahead with predictive analytics Airlines use AWS Analytics to optimize maintenance replacing parts of the plane before they fail and predictive analytics help our customers discover valuable information and implement it in your business. Critical risk analyzes occur in weeks, not months and queries to corporate databases occur in seconds, not hours. Go 1 step ahead of the competition with a vision of what happens in your business in real time build Big Data applications innovate like never before, reduce costs and capitalize on Big Data With AWS.


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