New Quantum Q-Cloud Solutions


A lot of people see the cloud as just a destination for data, a place to put data when I don’t need it. Quantum, we look at the cloud as an integral part of your workflow. We’re bringing the cloud to our customer’s workflow rather than just treating it as a remote destination. One thing that’s true is that workflows vary across all of our customers and within those different workflows are different requirements for how they need to store data. Sometimes they need data immediately accessible, sometimes they need to just preserve the data for long term safekeeping. We offer our customers a range of cloud solutions that match up with those different data storage requirements.

Q-Cloud Archive

We have Q-Cloud archive which is an active archive integrated into their workflow, provides immediate accessibility to data and yet it’s data stored in the Cloud. We also offer Q-Cloud vault, which is a little bit more like cold storage. A place for safekeeping your data for long term preservation of your archives again hosted in a cloud environment. Q-Cloud archives is an example where we extend people’s existing workflows so you can take a media asset work on it produce some finished content and then archive it all within the same environment without having to change over time.

Similarly on Q-Cloud protect environment, we enable a batch backup product not only to be stored onsite or on another site that you might have to do so in the cloud, but because it’s all under our control, we allow customers to be able to just extend that workflow without having to go and manage the public cloud on their own. Perhaps the most important way in which, we are enabling an integrated workflow for our customers with cloud by adding a layer of data intelligence to our platform, so that when I as a customer move data to the cloud, I still can get access to it as if it were local. So I’m able to essentially consolidate all of my different tiers of, storage and present that as a single pool to my application. So my applications don’t have to change whether a piece of content is on a local file system or it’s remote in the cloud.

Existing Environment

One of the things customers tell us about cloud is that they want to be able to integrate it into the existing environment, and control the pace at which data moves from onsite to offsite. So for example in the data protection environment, customers want to keep some critical data onsite so that in the event of a disaster they can recover quickly where as long as it’s on data it can go into the cloud. Quantum allows you to take its cloud solution as an extension to your enterprise and you control how fast you want to move into the cloud. One of the important things about the cloud is that it should not require you to change your workflow. As a customer you want to be able to use the same tools you’ve been using but you want the underlying storage to be intelligent enough to know when can I move data to the cloud and when do I have to move it back.


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