SMID Cloud Data Encryption Device – BIOK and CASB For SMES


A few years ago no one would have ever thought that life would become a giant collection of digital files. This ever-increasing amount of digital information is your history, your memories, your life. Where do you store it? How do you keep it safe? We can’t count on our hardware devices. They break, they get stolen, or we lose them and our lifetime of photos and personal information goes with them. We all love the cloud. It makes sure our information stays intact even when our devices don’t. But we also fear the cloud. Our entire digital life is somewhere else in someone else’s hands. What if they wanted to sell your data? Or steal your identity? Or use your bank information? What if they could see or duplicate your photos? Or find out where you live?


It’s important to remember that what gets uploaded to the cloud – stays in the cloud even if you delete your copies. They’re out there. But what if you had a small, easy-to-use device that encrypted all your cloud-stored data at the source? So your files would appear jumbled unreadable to everyone but you? There is such a device. It’s called SMiD and it’s built for people like you who love the cloud, but need to make 100% sure that no one will ever see your data. SMiD Pro is the only cloud privacy device designed and priced for personal use.

It automatically encrypts your information before it leaves your home or office or wherever you are. You get a light, portable device and a single startup key. All you need to do is create an account and choose your cloud providers. That’s it. You are up and encrypting all of your cloud-stored data. Even if someone did try to access or view your information in the cloud all they would see is encrypted data. It would be of absolutely no value or interest to them – at all. Want total privacy in the cloud? Just plug in your SMiD. Safeguard your digital life.


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